My Pledges

IMG_4657.JPGGLA Campaigning in Romford.jpgCampaigning in Thurrock.jpgIMG_0600[2].jpg

  • A powerful advocate for you, as a teacher and journalist I will stand up for your independent voice in Parliament to win the best possible deal from Government to challenge the increasing disparities in choice and opportunity between the rich and the poor.
  • Challenging and campaigning against cutbacks to the NHS along with the raft of Welfare Reforms currently undermining community, given the Tory insistence on socially and ethnically cleansing our towns and cities 
  • Increasing community cohesion, tackling the national immigration hysteria head on, by dealing with the realities and challenging the myths on issues around the squeeze on jobs, school places and health care.
  • Protecting and strengthening community policing in partnership with Borough Commanders and Safer Neighbourhood teams to drive down Serious Youth Crime, further curb the incidence of anti-social behaviour in every ward and address the current recession-fuelled increase in burglaries.
  • Promoting Social Enterprise Schemes that enable the young & unemployed at risk of social exclusion to develop their often prolific but misdirected entrepreneurial talent, channelling that flair into legitimate business initiatives which benefit other young people and the community at large.
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